In the area of Technology Solutions Monetti & Associates is partnered with several leading communications and other technology companies to provide the latest in new Micro 4G LTE wireless solutions, Smart Phone APP Situational Awareness (Android, iPhone or MCD) , Public Safety P25 LMR radios/networks, optical switching technologies like DWDM, Satellite terminals and high end Satellite engineering services for everything from new constellation planning, payload design, build, launch, operate and maintain. We can help you get connected with the right technology to solve the problems your agency mission or enterprise may be facing. We have been in the high tech business for over 35 years and have established deep relationships and reseller agreements with many world class technology
providers both large and small.



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Ciena is making the network infrastructure programmable, so it can easily adapt to the changing needs of users. When that programmability is combined with network-level applications, network operators can rapidly deliver new services and support new applications.
Ciena’s years of creating solutions for the world’s largest and most reliable telecommunication networks have led to more than 1,550 U.S. patents and patents pending, as well as more than 500 additional foreign-issued patents and applications.



Vision & Mission
revolutionize the concept of building Radio Networks.
We envision the future of invisible Sky based Broadband Radio Networks, without expensive Terrestrial based Radio Towers and Building installations.
VNC’s Airborne LTE solution optimized and integrated on to Airborne Platforms and can be deployed instantly providing vast coverage. Airborne Radio coverage is 10 times powerful than Terrestrial based due to minimal obstructions/Foliage. No Leasing & Zoning to pay for and hence more economical.



Intrepid Networks
Intrepid networks STING mobile applications software solution serves Public Safety, DOD, DHS and other Federal, State and Local agencies by providing impeccable situational awareness and an extremely affordable price. The STING Mobile App improves situational awareness by enabling Smart phone users to link together in secure closed user groups to share and display their real time geo location on a map. Users can also share data (video, images, file data) among the users real time as well as PTT voice. Feel free to download our data sheet or presentation or just contact us for a free live demonstration.

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