Engility Corporation Extends Monetti & Associates Commercial Aerospace Consulting Contract through 2020:

Engility Corporation recently has extending Monetti & Associates Commercial Space Consulting Contract through 2020. Work will consist of strategic planning and business develop to track major investments into new LEO and MEO constellations while engaging in activities across Federal Government agencies involved in Commercial Space like FAA, NOAA, FCC, DOT were the movement to consolidate space activities advance to form the Space Administration and Space Force: “We launched our commercial space consulting practice back in 2016. A lot of positive things have happened in the market since then. We are pleased Engility has extended our contract to help navigate the waters of Commercial Space going forward. We clearly see Engility as having the knowhow to help the Government and Commercial Space companies advance their missions through comprehensive systems engineering and support for Policy and Regulatory refresh and advancement.” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates Consulting LLC

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