Virtual Network Communications(VNC) and Tampa Microwave Complete Successful Test of Rapid Deployable LTE Mobile Network via Satellite

February 23, 2017
On LTE Mobile Satellite Network Testing Confirms VNCs Rapid Deployable, Backpack based, LTE Advanced Network Communications backhaul over Tampa Microwave’s ManPack SATCOM antenna for Tactical Defense, First Responders and Emergency Operations Centers.

Chantilly, VA and St. Petersburg, FL, Feb 23, 2017― Virtual Network Communications Inc., (VNC), startup technology company based in Washington DC suburbs, leader in deployable broadband LTE network systems and solutions, and Tampa Microwave LLC., a global leader in smallest, Man-packable, tactical SATCOM terminals, today announced they have successfully tested a rapidly deployable Long-Term Evolution (LTE) mobile networking solution via satellite. The LTE mobile satellite network solution leverages the powerful combination of VNCs vCore Instant® and Tampa Microwave’s™ high-throughput SATCOM terminal, connecting with the VNCs vCore instant Backpack based LTE Rapid Deployable. This robust and private network solution can be deployed virtually anywhere, making it ideal for Tactical, emergency response networks such as Defense, Public Safety, Secure Private Networks, and the nationwide interoperable public safety broadband network.
“The key to Tactical and emergency preparedness and instant response is ensuring first responders can communicate with each other and with Command & Control Centers to share information about the disaster and coordinate the response to it—no matter where they are located,” said Jim Herbert, Chief Marketing Officer at VNC. “This successful test proves that Tampa Microwave’s SATCOM technology , combined with VNCs LTE Rapid deployable Edge centric system, provides Defense and public safety community with a Offnet mobile broadband networking solution that is easy to use, dependable, and enhances capabilities over current narrowband voice radio systems.”

VNC and Tampa Microwave conducted situational testing operating on the 700 MHz public safety spectrum to validate the solution’s performance and interoperability with Satellite systems. Using readily available smartphones and vehicular modems, Tactical and First responders are able to easily communicate and share video with each other on Offnet and with Command & Control center using locally controlled deployable broadband network.
Our Rapid deployable 4G/LTE mobile satellite network secured communications solution enables the security, availability and resilience of mission-critical applications to solve this problem, which is vital to the public safety mission.”
The test marks VNCs latest innovation for the Defense & public safety community and emergency operators, ensuring secure, reliable connectivity using the latest combined mobile and satellite communications technologies.
About Virtual Network Communications
Virtual Network Communications, Inc. (VNC) based in Chantilly, VA is a Broadband Wireless Technology, product development, and manufacturing company. Provides compact tactical LTE wireless communication products & solutions for Defense, Public Safety and Private networks.

About Tampa Microwave
Tampa Microwave LLC, a subsidiary of Thales Defense and Security Incorporated designs, manufactures and supports a family of parabolic dish and flat panel antenna SATCOM terminals for use by DoD, Government Agency and foreign allied countries.

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