Monetti & Associates is Awared 1 year contract with Harris CapRock Government Solutions (CGS) for Business Development Consulting Services:

On March 13th, 2017 Harris CapRock Government Solutions fully executed a contract with Monetti & Associates, LLC for professional Business Development consulting services. The services are broad ranging from operationalizing the internal sales planning and management process to externally facing strategic partnering and pursuing new business opportunities. ” We saw a need for outsourced business development consulting services when we first  founded Monetti & Associates, LLC back in 2014. No one was doing it. We anticipated a need based on varying market fluctuations in the industry which can be challenging for companies trying to manage their cost of sales. Our new contract with CGS is evidence of that need.” said Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director. The BD work will provided through the transition of CGS out of Harris as part of the recent $690m acquistion of a portion of Harris’ Critical Networks Mission Sustainment Group by Veritas.
Monetti & Associ

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