Monetti & Associates Secures Contract to support NASA Johnson Space Center through Jacobs Engineering:

Jacobs Engineering recently awarded a contract to Monetti & Associates to support promoting the use of NASA’s Environmental Thermal Chamber A for use by the Commercial Space Industry and other Federal Agencies. Located in Houston at the Johnson Space Center, Chamber A is the largest, most technically advanced Thermal test chamber in the world. Standing 65 Ft tall and 45 Ft. wide, it has the ability to provide very granular thermal and vacuum characteristics of a simulated space environment. Chamber A was chosen by NASA Goddard to test the James Webb Space Telescope.  “This award is clear testament to our commitment to consulting in the Commercial Aerospace Market, an effort we launched back in 2016. The business development work we did for Jacobs in support of NASA JSC helped get the word out and develop a vast set of potential future customers” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates Consulting LLC

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