Nokia Awards Monetti & Associates with Contract to support Modernization of Afghanistan Telecom’s Fiber Optic Network in Kabul Afghanistan:

Monetti & Associates has received an award to provide a variety of in country services in Kabul Afghanistan to support the modernization of AFTELs fiber optic network with Advanced Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technologies from Nokia. The initial work will consist of conducting site surveys and fiber characterization of the existing fiber network. Future work can include installation, test and turnup later in 2019. Monetti & Associates will run this work out of their Liaison office in Kabul led by Business Liaison and Middle East Regional Manager Wahdat Hayat. BAZ consulting has joined the Monetti & Associates team and will be providing local engineering, management and logistics support for the project. “Who would have thought when we launched the company 4 years ago, we would be winning contracts in Afghanistan. We could not be prouder to help our new partner Nokia with this project. We look forward to supporting Nokia with other projects now that we are an approved supplier to Nokia, quite and achievement in and of itself.” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates LLC.

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