Virtualnetcom: Mohan Tammisetti and Gary Monetti

Virtualnetcom: Mohan Tammisetti and Gary Monetti outline features of RAID standalone LTE network in hardened 12.5-pound backpack.

Virtualnetcom CEO Mohan Tammisetti, left, and Gary Monetti describe the capabilities of the Rapid Autonomous Instant Deployable (RAID), a hardened communications backpack that transmits signals at 4 watts of power and includes an LTE eNodeB, an LTE evolved packet core (EPC) and IMS support for multimedia applications on Band 14 or other spectrum that enables a first responder to communicate, even when there is no connection to a terrestrial LTE network. The IP67-rated backpack currently weighs 12.5 pounds, but the company believes it can manufacture a version that will weigh 6.5 pounds.

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