Outstanding Achievement: The President of Afghanistan named Hayat Wahdat Laureate and awarded him the prestigious “Medal of Good Services”.

Experience: Hayat brings over 18 years, strategic and operations level, experience in policy, partnership, planning, and implementation in Afgahnistan. He is PhD candidate and Holder of Executive Master’s degree in Business Management from Preston University (USA). His experience in strategic planning, leadership and operations management spans several sectors to include   private sector, government United Nations and development sector.  He has rich experience in managing in war zones and handling operations and partnership in emergencies and complexities, such as Afghanistan.  He speaks six languages, including three international.

From 2005 to 2010, Mr. Wahdat led countrywide operations of Alcatel-Lucent, a worldwide French-American telecom company in Afghanistan, a business of more than 120 million USD. Major achievement is the establishment ROSHAN GSM network, covering all Afghanistan and survey and design of the 3300 Km long National Optical Fiber Ring in the country. For two years, he represented US based Lucent Government Systems (LGS Innovation) in Afghanistan where LGS delivered communication solutions to the US Army and NATO. Wahdat served as business development director with Wise Global Group, a US-Afghan telecom and Logistic company, who served US Armey and the Afghan Defense ministry (MOD) for more than a decade. Under this assignment WGG won the Expansion and O&M contract of the MOD telecom and IT network for three years.

He has worked in leading positions within the United Nations (UNIDO, UNDP, UNOPS, and UNOCHA).  In his last assignment with the United Nations, Wahdat was Country Representative and Head of UNIDO Operations in Afghanistan (NO-D). As head of UNIDO, Wahdat was formal member of the UN Heads of Agencies Meeting (UNHAM), the supreme decision making body of the UN system in Afghanistan. He has almost 10 years working experience with the UN system in Afghanistan and Pakistan and served on leading positions:  Deputy Program Manager and Senior Program Management Analyst with UNDP, Country Team Leader of the National Impact Survey (LIS) with UNDP/UNOPS, Planning Officer with UNOCHA and the Founder Country Coordinator of the Afghan Campaign to Ban Landmines (ACBL), the co-laureate of the 1997 Noble Peace Prize.

Associations: In the field of governance; Hayat Wahdat is a standing member of the board of Afghanistan Computer Science Association (ACSA), member of the board of the National ICT Alliance of Afghanistan (NICTAA) and was lead facilitator in the past four Afghan Loya Jergas (National Grand Assembly-2000 delegates) of the Afghan government in Kabul, where he received the “Medal of Good Service” from the President of Afghanistan.

Education: PhD candidate, Executive Masters Degree in Business Management (EMBA)

Hayat Wahdat
Hayat Wahdat