Total Years of Experience: 23 Yrs. / Key Areas of Experience: Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Strategic Planning , Project Management / Industry-wise Experience: Telecom(GSM), Satellite Communications., Optical Fiber Networks, Media & Advertising, Retail.

Key Highlights:

  • Competent professional with proven track-record in impacting organisation’s profitability through effective strategic and tactical management decisions and business development
  • Supported the overall process of management and corporate decision making to ensure the organization maximizes profitability and shareholder returns
  • Drove business and ensured sustained growth, focused on achieving/surpassing sales targets; expanded business reach and created new sales / leads opportunities
  • Spearheaded technology planning and direction, strategy development, leadership and implementation, business and operational transformation execution, business solution delivery, and business development
  • Gained strategic experience of planning large sized international biddings, proposal writing and project management in the Telecom (GSM), Satellite Comm., Optical Fiber and IT sector
  • Identified unique opportunities to learn and contribute via important marketing roles played in 2 State-wide GSM services launches and 3 brand launches
  • Possess international experience of identifying and evaluating new growth sectors, including International business expansion, researched and evaluated existing business structure by applying various business analysis
  • Achieved market penetration and global product expansion through strategic business planning which resulted in multi-fold increase in revenue and profitability
  • Expertise of leading teams in Telecom (GSM), Satellite Comm., Optical Fibre &IT sector.

Key Achievements:

- Led a small team to Attain the National GSM license of Afghanistan in 2005. Negotiated and acquired funding arrangements  of US$ 40.1 million as one-time GSM License fee and 5 year CAPEX & OPEX funding plan of up to US$ 200 million with top international telecom companies/investors like NOUR of USA & SPICE Group of NEPAL / Formulated Nation-Wide OFC Ring Project Proposal (US$70 Mil) for Watan Telecom-TCIL Partnership / Played key role to establish business alliances and relationship with Ministry of Comms& IT AFG, World Bank, DoD, Lucent Technology Inc. (USA), Huawei,  ZTE,Nour-USA, Spice Group (NEPAL) and TCIL (India) / Raised US$ 25 million project financing for Watan’s National Basic Telephony  project & acquired US$ 6 million worth of new projects.

- Played a key role in marketing & corporate PR areas to launch Etisalat's GSM services in Afghanistan in 2007.

- As Director of RANA Technologies (Nov,07-May,09), achieved total sale revenue of US$ 20 Mil in ISP & ICT business verticals / Executed commercial launch of WIMAX services in 4 states of Afghanistan/  Enhanced the products & services mix by adding partners like: DELL, Microsoft, Polycom, Siemens & Xerox / Attained special discounted billing rates and easier payment terms through re-negotiations from existing partners like Singtel, AM-22, Cisco, Dell, HP & VSAT equipment companies.

- As Vice-President of Melat Networks Inc. (A 100% subsidiary of Globecomm Inc), attained 16 million US$ of revenue with high margins between June,2009 and Dec, 2016 and additionally secured 10 Mil    US$ confirmed contracts till 20-21 / Developed and spear-headed Melat’s  07 year internet service provider business plan and acquired the national ISP license for Afghanistan / Achieved special billing rates and easier payment terms through hard negotiations from satellite and VSAT equipment partners like: Mach6, AM22, Asia-sat, Comtech, Avanti, Inmarsat and iDirect

- As Consultant with BAZ Consulting Intl. (Aug, 2016-Till date), spearheading strategic alliances/partnership/JVs between large Indian& USA IT & Telecomsector companies /Initiated investment planning process for investments up to US dollars 50 to 60 million in the ICT & Fiber sector of Afghanistan through the Public PrivatePartnership (PPP) model. Alsoengaging with large international technologypartners and investors in thesame spaces / In 2018, submitted Tech. proposal & Fin. bids for US$ 3Mil worth of projects in AFG for BAZ in alliance with Intl IT companies like: O3 Tech (USA) & Blue-Apple (Ind).


Nadeem Bhat
Nadeem Bhat