Monetti & Associates to Speak at IWCE Virtual Conference August 27th.

This year IWCE will be going virtual due to the COVID-19 virus risks associated with large gatherings. The conference organizers at IWCE have done an outstanding job to virtualize one of the largest wireless communications expositions in North America. Gary Monetti will be speaking on a panel on Private LTE and CBRS: Where Does It Make the Most Sense? Starting at 12:30 EDT. Having been a long-standing member of the CBRS Alliance for several years, Gary will provide an overview of OnGo CBRS and the key areas that are important considerations for deployment. Hope to see you there even if it’s virtual! The overall conference revised agenda is now live on the web site.

Monetti & Associates Consulting LLC establishes Key Partnership with Two Roads Professional Resources to expand consulting services to include Recruiting and Staffing of Key Personnel

Monetti & Associates recently joined forces with Two Roads Professional Resources based in Huntington Beach, CA. to provide expand the companies portfolio of consulting services to support Personnel Recruiting and Staffing. This service will focus primarily on finding hard to find TS/SCI and Full Scope Poly engineers as well as other key personnel. “We are excited to be working with Two Roads to expand their capabilities to our markets and customer base. We will begin with a focus on the Aerospace industry where we have provided a fair amount of strategic partnering, business development and near adjacent market penetration plans” stated Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monetti & Associates LLC. “From there we can expand into the other markets we serve like Federal Systems Integrators, Smart Cities/IoT, Oil and Gas, State and Local/Public Safety and others.”

Monetti & Associates LLC selected by Northrop Grumman Information Systems-NASA Goddard Environmental Test and Integration Services III team for Commercialization Services

Monetti & Associates has recently been selected to be part of the winning Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems team who was recently awarded the ETISS III contract. Monetti & Associates will provide commercialization services conducting business development to take the NASA Goddard Environmental Test and Integration facilities and services to the commercial space market. “This represents another significant milestone for us. NASA needs a better means of taking their capabilities to the private sector for commercialization. We will leverage our years of experience doing business development for industry to bring NASA Goddard’s world class test facilities to market in an outsourced as a service model.” Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monetti & Associates LLC

Monetti & Associates LLC awarded contract to support Imageware Systems with Federal Consulting Services:

Monetti & Associates LLC was recently awarded a contract to help leading Biometrics Identity Management company, Imageware Systems, expand their business opportunities in the Federal Market. Monetti & Associates will look to engage strategic partners who are leaders in the federal identity management market, many of whom are already working with Imageware, to expand business opportunities in 1:N Multimodal biometric proofing, authentication and de-spoofing. “Imageware has some amazing technology having been innovating since 1987 with some 22 approved patents. We are excited about taking their innovative technology to leading identity management providers and systems integrator while building intimacy directly with leading Federal Government agencies using and modernizing biometrics systems in support of national security.” Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monetti & Associates LLC

Monetti & Associates LLC Wins Contract with Broward County as P25 Independent Expert:

Monetti & Associates was recently awarded a contract to provide Broward County Florida with an Independent Expert Report regarding deployment of the new Motorola P25 Network. The report delivered was derived from the requirements as stated in an Inter-Local Agency agreement Broward County and City of Hollywood Florida to determine the best site location for a particular Motorola P25 site based on radio coverage, cost reasonableness and, most importantly, Public Safety emergency services delivery. As part of the analysis over 33 interviews were conducted with County and City representatives. “This was an important and challenging project for us as it required us to come with no preconceived opinion or preferences. The report was delivered on time and within budget in just 45 days” Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monetti & Associates, LLC

Monetti & Associates LLC Secures Consulting Contract with MAXAR SSL:

Monetti & Associates, a global supplier of professional consulting and engineering services, was recently awarded a contract with MAXAR to help market MAXAR Robotics technologies to near adjacent markets. This will help MAXAR gain visibility into the near adjacent commercial space market while expanding to validate other commercial markets like Oil and Gas, Transportation and others. “It’s always exciting to be working with a leading aerospace provider like MAXAR. Our aerospace consulting business continues to be a core focus for us. With NASA programs to get our U.S. astronauts back on the moon by 2024, the Mars mission, on orbit servicing of satellites, on orbit refueling, manufacturing in space and more, this is a very exciting time to be working in this market. Our partner MAXAR is a leader in all these areas and has been on every U.S. mission to Mars with their Robotics technologies since 1997. We are privileged to be supporting them” Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monetti & Associates, LLC

Monetti & Associates LLC becomes an authorized Nokia reseller:

Monetti & Associates recently has completed the rigorous process of becoming an authorized Nokia reseller. This took several months of careful review and evaluation of Monetti & Associates capabilities and overall company appeal. “This is another great achievement to expand our relationship with Nokia. We are one of the few partners that are both a supplier and now a reseller as well. Our experience across Federal, State and Local, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Public Safety and Smart Cities IoT allow us to work across several verticals where Nokia is expanding its presence and market share.” Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monetti & Associates LLC

Monetti & Associates LLC Receives CBRS OnGo Certified Professional Installer (CPI) Certification:

Monetti and Associates recently received CBRS OnGo CPI certification to support the growth in deployments of Private LTE and In-Building wireless networks. Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), branded OnGo, consists of 150 MHz of lightly licensed spectrum in the 3.55 – 3.7 GHz range. Now large enterprises, federal, State and Local governments and others can deploy their own private Broadband networks with LTE 3GPP based technologies with migration to 5G. Service Providers will also use the technology to support densification of their networks. “This represents a major milestone as we start to build out our mobility practice. We are already working on a large transportation project in the sector and looking to others on the horizon to include the utilities, city government and academia” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associate LLC

Monetti & Associates LLC becomes an approved Supplier to Nokia:

Monetti & Associates recently has become an authorize supplier to Nokia for consulting, conducting site surveys and fiber optic characterization services for Afghan Telecom in Kabul, Afghanistan for modernizing to a Metro DWDM network. Plan are not in place to expand the supplier agreement to include installation test and turn up of the network as part of a Phase 2 effort. “We are excited to be part of the global Nokia family and look forward to supporting them on Phase 2 of the Aftel DWDM modernization project while finding ways to expand our business opportunities in Afghanistan and other places” Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monett & Associates LLC

Monetti & Associates LLC becomes an approved Supplier to Leonardo DRS:

Monetti & Associates LLC has recently become an authorize supplier of professional services to Leonardo DRS. This will enable the company to partner with DRS on upcoming projects where Monetti & Associates vast consulting, installation and engineering capabilities can be added to complement DRS while enabling DRS to gain small business step aside credits with the US Federal Government. “We are excited to be part of the global Leonardo DRS family and look forward to finding ways to work more with them in the future” Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monett & Associates LLC