Monetti & Associates LLC completes Phase 1 Metro DWDM Modernization Project Afghan Telecom, Kabul, Afghanistan

Phase 1 Metro DWDM Modernization Project Afghan Telecom, Kabul, Afghanistan


Monetti & Associates LLC, along with local Kabul based contracting partner, BAZ Consulting International, have successfully completed Phase 1 of the DWDM modernization program for Afghanistan Telecom. The project is part of a U.S. led effort to modernization communications infrastructure in Afghanistan with Nokia DWDM technology. Phase 1, which consisted of site surveys and fiber optic characterization, was recently completed and deemed successful. Phase 2 will consist of installation, test and turnup of the 15-node network with some additional operations and maintenance services to follow. “We are extremely proud of what our local team has been able to accomplish with our local partner BAZ Consulting International under such extreme security conditions. We are fortunate to have completed Phase 1 with no reported security issues or injuries during the 4+ month effort. We look forward to getting started on Phase 2 with our partner Nokia to bring robust and secure high capacity Nokia Optical communications infrastructure to Afghanistan to meet the exponential growth in Internet Traffic” Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monetti & Associates LLC.

Monetti & Associates to provide Smart Cities/IoT consulting services to Peraton Communications Sector:

Peraton has recently extended Monetti & Associates existing contract through March 2020 to provide a wide range of consulting services with a focus on Smart Cities/IoT. The original consulting contract was executed under the former Harris Caprock Government Communications Services prior to being acquired by Veritas. Services provided ranged from developing an Army Strategic plan, 5-year strategic growth plan focusing on near adjacent markets and new technologies like 4G and 5G to Telehealth. “We are very excited our customer has offered us the opportunity to support them in the this newly emerging Smart Cities/IoT market. Our team is leveraging years of experience supporting Public Safety and State and Local agencies was well as Smart Cities policy work we performed at the White House in 2014. We see Peraton and their recent establishment of the IoT Consortium Systems Integration approach as a valuable means for cities by providing a more holistic end to end IoT solutions approach with best of breed IoT technology providers” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates.

Engility Corporation Extends Monetti & Associates Commercial Aerospace Consulting Contract through 2020:

Engility Corporation recently has extending Monetti & Associates Commercial Space Consulting Contract through 2020. Work will consist of strategic planning and business develop to track major investments into new LEO and MEO constellations while engaging in activities across Federal Government agencies involved in Commercial Space like FAA, NOAA, FCC, DOT were the movement to consolidate space activities advance to form the Space Administration and Space Force: “We launched our commercial space consulting practice back in 2016. A lot of positive things have happened in the market since then. We are pleased Engility has extended our contract to help navigate the waters of Commercial Space going forward. We clearly see Engility as having the knowhow to help the Government and Commercial Space companies advance their missions through comprehensive systems engineering and support for Policy and Regulatory refresh and advancement.” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates Consulting LLC

Northrop Grumman Technology Services Signs Up Monetti & Associates as an Approved Supplier of Consulting and Engineering Support Services:

Monetti & Associates was recently awarded a contract to provide support services to Northrop Grumman Technology Services to include proposal and capture support on a Major Government RFP and Smart City/IoT, 4G and 5G communications architecture and network modernization services for a major metropolitan City. “This award and associated work could not be more exciting. We have brought in one of our best minds in LTE and forwarding looking 5G technology in support of NGTS. We look forward to continuing our support where and when needed now that we are an approved Northrop Grumman Supplier” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates Consulting LLC

Monetti & Associates Secures Contract to support NASA Johnson Space Center through Jacobs Engineering:

Jacobs Engineering recently awarded a contract to Monetti & Associates to support promoting the use of NASA’s Environmental Thermal Chamber A for use by the Commercial Space Industry and other Federal Agencies. Located in Houston at the Johnson Space Center, Chamber A is the largest, most technically advanced Thermal test chamber in the world. Standing 65 Ft tall and 45 Ft. wide, it has the ability to provide very granular thermal and vacuum characteristics of a simulated space environment. Chamber A was chosen by NASA Goddard to test the James Webb Space Telescope.  “This award is clear testament to our commitment to consulting in the Commercial Aerospace Market, an effort we launched back in 2016. The business development work we did for Jacobs in support of NASA JSC helped get the word out and develop a vast set of potential future customers” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates Consulting LLC

ExxonMobil awards contract to Monetti & Associates to conduct a Push to Talk over Cellular Desk Top Study:

Monetti & Associates has recently been awarded a contract from ExxonMobil to evaluate the leading Push to Talk Over Cellular industry providers and conduct a technical and price evaluation of each vendor. To do this Monetti & Associates assembled a team of experts in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) P25 networks, 4G LTE 3GPP and test engineering. The company delivered a comprehensive RFI that was distributed to 7 major market leaders, graded each accordingly based on a grading system they developed and generated a test plan. A final report was generated providing recommendations on which vendors to move forward to the test and evaluation phase. “Being selected by one of the world’s leading energy companies through a full and open competition was absolutely thrilling for us. The ExxonMobil team was extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. We look forward to other opportunities to support them now that we are an approved supplier; quite an accomplishment in and of itself” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates

Monetti & Associates Expands Operations to Kabul, Afghanistan with Support for the Greater Middle Eastern Region:

Monetti & Associates Consulting has appointed Mr. Wahdat Hayat as Business Liaison and Middle East Regional Manager. Wahdat has excellent credentials and was awarded the prestigious “Medal of Good Services” by the President of Afghanistan who named him Laureate “Wahdat brings a wealth of Business Development and Program management experience to our team. Based in Kabul, he will be valuable resource for our customers looking to conduct business in Afghanistan and the broader Middle Eastern region” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates LLC

Gary Monetti to speak at The International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2019 in Las Vegas:

Monetti & Associates Founder, Gary Monetti, will be speaking on two panels at IWCE this year. One is on Navigating IoT, M2M and Sensors for Smart Cities being held on Monday March 4th at 2:30 (PST) and Getting your City Ready to be Smart and Connected. Being held on Tuesday March 5th at 2:30 (PST). “Clearly IWCE is the premier event to see all the latest Public Safety communications technologies to include IoT and Smart Cities. These panels should prove to be very educational with experts in the field represented. Looking forward to seeing you there!” Gary Monetti, Founder Monetti & Associates Consulting LLC