Monetti & Associates, LLC expands support to 3 New NPSTC Working Groups

Monetti & Associates, LLC expands support to 3 new National Public Safety Telecommunications Council (NPSTC) Working Groups. Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director of Monetti & Associates, LLC has announced he has volunteered for 3 newly formed NPSTC working groups. NPSTC’s Governing Board recently approved the creation of three new Working Groups that will operate under the Broadband and Technology Committee. They are LMR to LTE Migration, Broadband Emerging Technologies, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Robotics. “We are excited to be supporting these three new working groups. These are in addition to the support we provide to the NPSTC Broadband Deployables working group and the Analytics working group being run out of NIST PSCR labs. Being able to collaborate with industry, academia and public safety to bring meaningful ideas and recommendations on technology to help public safety better serve citizens is a very important and fulfilling role for us. These groups provide incredible value to FirstNet and public safety as a whole.” Gary Monetti, Founder and Managing Director, Monetti and Associates, LLC. Monetti & Associated provides Professional Consulting and engineering services. Visit us at

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